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Palestinian conference shut down by Berlin police

In the days leading up to the pro-Palestinian conference in Berlin, German authorities expressed concern that potentially […]

Thursday 18, January

Berghain accused of cancelling artist due to pro-Palestinian stance

Arabian Panther has accused Berghain of cancelling their show on political grounds. Deleted social media posts have […]


Artistic freedom and culture funding: Berlin artists sign open letter against new antisemitism clause

An open letter with more than 4,000 signatures argues against requiring arts funding recipients to commit to […]

Monday 11, December

Separate Berlin demonstrations protest antisemitism and weapons sales

Despite the rain, two demonstrations of roughly similar size took place on Sunday, both in central Berlin.

Friday 10, November

Berlin lights up Brandenburg Gate 85 years on from Nazi pogrom

Marking 85 years since Kristallnacht, the iconic Berlin landmark was lit up with a star of David […]

Thursday 9, November

“Stop the Genocide”: Protest with hidden bluetooth speakers at Stabi library

Last week, activists hid bluetooth speakers among the bookshelves at Stabi library to play political messages.


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