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Swinging socialite: Ki-Sook Han

Known among her golf mates as 'Lady Han', the mother-of-two left Seoul in an ocean of tears […]


“Being an oddball is part of it”: The Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon

INTERVIEW! Ahead of The Divine Comedy's Admiralspalast concert on Oct 23 for new album "Office Politics", the group's […]


“Our most personal work”: Moon Duo’s Sanae Yamada

INTERVIEW! With a new album and upcoming show at the Volksbühne on Oct 21, we catch psychedelic […]


“I make the work I want to make”: Katie Mitchell’s Orlando

INTERVIEW! With her latest play, Virginia Woolf's "Orlando", now showing at the Schaubühne, director Katie Mitchell opens […]


Inevitable disasters: Rachel Glassberg

INTERVIEW! Ahead of her debut album release "This Was Inevitable" and concert on Oct 19 at a […]


“We pushed for something totally insane”: Joker’s Todd Phillips

INTERVIEW! "Joker" hits Berlin screens on Oct 10, we met director Todd Phillips to find out more […]


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