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Megan’s Megacan: Leave Our Lovely Forest Alone, Elon

In this episode of Megan's Megacan, Megan and Konrad get stuck into the big, nasty Tesla expansion […]

Friday 24, November

Berlin: One of the world’s worst cities for expats?

Lack of housing, happiness and digitalisation mean Berlin has been judged poorly in an expat survey for […]


Sublet Sagas: How Berlin’s housing crisis is driving residents to the edge

Berlin's grim housing situation has trapped some residents in a purgatory of temporary tenancy.

Wednesday 20, September

New figures show Berlin will miss social housing targets

The Senate Department for Urban Development in Berlin admits there is a massive shortfall in housing construction.

Friday 18, August

Berlin to launch “ideas competition” for development of Tempelhofer Feld

Is Tempelhofer Feld in danger? A 2014 referendum was meant to exempt the former airport from development. […]

Tuesday 18, April

Berlin’s asbestos problem isn’t going away

Last year, Berlin bought more around 11,500 asbestos-contaminated apartments and will assume the costs for their repair.


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