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Meet the Berlin activists behind the campaign to make Anmeldung available to all

'Anmeldung für Alle' is a new campaign which aims to make registration easier for everyone. We sat […]


Megan’s Megacan: Leave Our Lovely Forest Alone, Elon

In this episode of Megan's Megacan, Megan and Konrad get stuck into the big, nasty Tesla expansion […]

Thursday 22, February

Deutsche Wohnen: Dispute over millions in data protection fines continues

Real estate company Deutsche Wohnen can't seem to stay out of the headlines. This time, they're back […]


Sublet Sagas: How Berlin’s housing crisis is driving residents to the edge

Berlin's grim housing situation has trapped some residents in a purgatory of temporary tenancy.

Thursday 19, October

Deutsche Wohnen apartment building without water or heat since July

It's been a difficult few months for residents of a high-rise apartment in Neukölln's Gropiusstadt, where heating […]

Wednesday 20, September

New figures show Berlin will miss social housing targets

The Senate Department for Urban Development in Berlin admits there is a massive shortfall in housing construction.


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