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Berlin Finance Ministry wants to give away Goebbels’ Nazi villa

The villa, which once belonged to Hitler's Nazi propaganda minster Joseph Goebbels, will be demolished if it's […]

Short Escapes

Explore a maze of abandoned mines at Museumspark Rüdersdorf

This eerie industrial museum in Rüdersdorf traces the origin story of many of Berlin's much-loved landmarks.


Grim death: The spookiest places in Berlin

From children's hospitals to suicide cemeteries, these are the spookiest, most bone-chilling spots to visit in Berlin.


Hidden gems: Little-known spots to visit in Berlin

Head off the beaten track and visit these 12 cool places that most tourists to Berlin don't […]

Editor's choice

The Wartburg Experiment: Martin Luther reloaded

A new book called The moment does not state its name compiles the highlights of a new […]

History in photos

From Hitler to Hertha: The Olympic Stadium in pictures

The history of Olympiastadion in 12 images: from the Nazi grand opening to the ghostly stillness of […]


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