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Where to watch Euro 2024 in Berlin

The final match of the Euros is on Sunday. Ahead of the big game, here are our […]

Friday, 21st June

Germany’s largest refugee centre is completely uninsured

Since October 2023, Germany's largest refugee arrival centre at Tegel airport has been without building, business or […]

Thursday, June 15

Is Berlin ready for the apocalypse? Politicians debate bunkers plan

Officials debate whether Germany needs to better prepare its citizens for large-scale war, given that none of […]

The Burning Issue

What you need to know about Germany’s new citizenship laws

From June 27th, more relaxed laws for German citizenship will take effect, but long waiting times and […]


Bones of Contention: Why are so many human remains locked up in Berlin museums?

Thousands of skulls and skeletons from victims of German colonialism are lying in Berlin museums. Why is […]


As Seen at: Oster-Ritterfest

We stopped by the Oster-Ritterfest renaissance fair at Spandau Citadel to see how the peasants, nobles, vikings […]


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