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What makes Turks tick? Ask a Muhtar!

What’s on Turkish Berliners’ minds when they enter the voting booth? Why did they vote so massively […]


Wladek Flakin: Press censorship, made in Germany

Germany's interior minister just banned the left-wing news platform Indymedia. Wladek writes for that platform!


A queer migration

INTERVIEW: Aykan Safoğlu and Emre Busse examine the Turkish-German connection through a LGBTQ lens in ğ – […]


Konrad Werner: Worrying about integration again

Some Turkish people in Germany voted "Evet" (yes) in Erdoğan's referendum last Sunday. The German newspapers decided […]


Erdogan’s referendum

Like nothing else, Turkish President Recep Erdoğan is dividing Turks in Germany. With a referendum coming up […]


Konrad Werner: Any excuse to be a dick to Turkish people

Some political commentators don't feel like they've done a proper week's work until they've found a news […]


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