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Berlin police admit mistake after Ukrainian language banned at demo

Berlin police have admitted a mistake in banning Ukrainian at Monday's demo, but it's not the first […]

Monday, July 1

Berlin stalls on implementing “Cannabis Social Clubs”

Cannabis Social Clubs become legal in Germany from July 1 but, in Berlin, things are stalling.

Friday, June 7

Too high to drive? Germany plans to reform THC limit for car drivers

Smoking cannabis has been legal in Germany since April 1, now the federal governments wants to raise […]

Wednesday, May 22

How long does it take to turn German in Berlin? 11 years

Last year, 9,041 people were naturalised as German citizens in Berlin, with an average time of residence […]

Burning Issue

What can we expect now that cannabis is legal in Germany?

As of this month, marijuana-consumption is officially legal - with some quintessentially German stipulations of course.

Monday 25, March

Why dancing is officially banned in Berlin this Friday

A dancing ban on Good Friday: This might just be Germany's most bizarre law.


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