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Turbo-Citizenship: Germany to allow multiple-nationality after just 3 years

Naturalisation as a German citizenship used to take eight years. A new law will reduce that to […]


Planet on the ballot: How soon will Berlin be climate neutral?

As Berlin wraps up its state elections (again), we look ahead at the upcoming Berlin 2030 Klimaneutral […]


Red flag: Who not to vote for in Berlin’s upcoming elections

Berlin is about to head to the polls — again. Nathaniel Flakin offers a communist voting guide. […]


It ain’t easy being Green: Germany’s nuclear power struggle

The Greens supporting nuclear energy? Konrad Werner sheds light on the party’s desperate cling to power.


Megan’s Megacan: Feckless Berlin, or Election Retake Amid Climate Disaster

Our politics podcast is back! Megan and Konrad return to discuss Berlin politics over a can of […]


German elections 2021: Four things we learned

As the dust settles after Bundestagswahl 2021, Konrad Werner looks at what the results reveal about German […]


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