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Spore Initiative director Antonia Alampi: “We can’t pretend we are not seeing what’s happening on our streets”

A year after the inception of Spore Initiative, we talk to director Antonia Alampi about how the […]

Friday 5, April

Activists continue vandalism of Amazon Tower

Unidentified activists have caused damage to windows of the Amazon Tower on Waschauer Brücke, reigniting debates around […]


Moviemento will stay! Germany’s oldest cinema saved from developers

Iconic Kreuzberg Kino Moviemento - Germany's oldest cinema - has been saved from redevelopment.

Editor's column

Is Berlin losing the plot? How art world evictions leave us all poorer

Berlin used to be seen as a creative utopia. Are a new wave of artist evictions stealing […]

Friday 11, August

Private security on the rampage in chaotic eviction in Mitte

Doors kicked in. Windows smashed. These were the results of a chaotic eviction at Habersaathstrasse 42-48 in […]

Tuesday 20, June

Google street view to update Berlin photos for the first time since 2008

Google street view is about to capture new pictures of Berlin for the first time in 15 […]


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