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How Berlin’s Roma-Sinti communities are claiming their place on the German stage

With their Berlin memorial under threat, Roma and Sinti communities are constructing their own theatres of memory.

Friday 28, April

Berlin’s most controversial monument is vandalised… again

The so-called Herero Stone honours the perpetrators of genocide. Activists want it taken down.


Red Flag: Why does Berlin have a pro-genocide monument?

In a cemetery in Neukölln, the so-called Africa Stone honors seven German soldiers who died while committing […]


Red Flag: No, Germany is not actually recognising the genocide in Namibia

German leaders have made headlines as they publicly atone for the murder of tens of thousands of […]


Historian Jürgen Zimmerer on Germany’s other genocide

INTERVIEW! Is it time for Germany to take responsibility for its colonial crimes? Historian Jürgen Zimmerer on […]


Germany’s other guilt

The country’s little-known colonial history in Africa is on display at German Colonialism, a new exhibition at […]


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