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Talking trash: Cleaning up the city with Team Orange

Gigantic dildos, discarded sex dolls, bloody sheets? It's all in a day's work for Berlin's orange-clad rubbish […]

New brew

Muschicraft beer: Gender equality in a bottle

Muschicraft is the new intersectional-feminist craft beer in Berlin made for a better world.

Tuesday, 7 March

Equal Pay Day: What do the statistics say about Berlin?

Today is Germany's Equal Pay Day, which aims to highlight the country's gender pay gap.


Sexism and the city: How to make Berlin better for women

From anti-manspreading signage on public transport to free menstrual products, there are countless ways in which Berlin […]

Music & clubs

Berghain can affect your sexuality? You don’t say…

What's this? A night out in Berghain makes people more open to sexual experiences? Drugs, other scantily […]


Gender-neutral awards at Berlinale 2021: PC gone mad or real progress?

After most tickets for this year’s festival sold out within hours, our film editor ponders what its new […]


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