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Life imitating art imitating life: This Ain’t California

Catch "This Ain’t California" and meet its director Marten Persiel at Lichtblick Kino on Sep 23, as […]


Save Berlin: Checkpoint showdowns

What’s happening with Berlin’s Cold War border crossings?


Rosa’s 120 minutes of cinematic fame

Barbara Sukowa’s Luxemburg in Margarethe von Trotta’s biopic has become as iconic as the revolutionary herself. Why […]


The right to nostalgia: Leander Haußmann

INTERVIEW! Leander Haußmann on his upcoming “loud and farcical” Stasi-centric piece at the Volksbühne. Catch it Dec […]


Connections made in the dark: The Silent Trabants

In German theatre veteran Armin Petra’s adaptation of Clemens Meyers’ homonymous short story collection, a succession of […]


The Olsens, the Ossis and me

Danish writer Aske Hald Knudstrup attempts to get to the root of the GDR’s peculiar obsession with […]


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