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Red Flag: A historic day for Berlin’s queer scene

The German Left's pro-Israel hangups are being diluted by expats with different views. Last Saturday's Internationalist Queer […]


Popo Fan on running China’s biggest queer film festival

Prompted to leave China’s capital by anti-gay media censorship, film director Popo Fan now curates the country’s […]


Gay capital: The queer asylum seekers who call Berlin home

We meet two Syrians at the centre of Berlin’s Arab queer scene, a hotspot for LGBTQ asylum […]


Cruising through Berlin’s queer history

Historian Samuel Clowes Huneke talks lesbian balls in Nazi Germany, looking for sex in wartime ruins and […]


Where do you go when the fetish clubs are closed?

We find out how those with kinky desires are coping after a year without their safe spaces, […]


The Gay Berliner: Exile from Gayville

With no dark rooms to visit, Walter Crasshole feels more disconnected from the gay scene than ever. […]


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