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Camp cuisine

Hamburger Mary’s hikes up its skirt and flashes you an Ami-inspired experience. The gay-friendly burger joint on […]


Seymour Gris: The sad, pathetic downfall of the German Greens

The once sneaker-and-woolly-jumper-wearing Greens have probably changed Germany for the better more than any other party. But […]


Walter Crasshole: Kiss of death

A recent series of deaths among Berlin's gay community gave Walter a jab of fear sharp enough […]

Music & clubs

A chat with… Fred Schneider of The B-52s

INTERVIEW. The B-52s might not bring political parties on tour anymore, but they're still dancing this mess […]


Exberliner panel discussion: Gay marriage and adoption

After snap decisions in England and France, same-sex marriage is now a reality in those countries. So […]


Gay marriage: Still over the rainbow

France and England have taken breakthrough steps to legalise gay marriage, but is Germany being left in […]


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