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Konrad Werner: Germany sells friendship to al-Sisi

You'd think Merkel and Gauck, having both lived in a police state, might give a bit more […]


(Finally) calling a genocide a genocide

After a century of denial, the German government has finally recognised the 1915 Armenian genocide. Historian Jürgen […]


Konrad Werner: We are not NATO’s bitch

Why do we keep thinking that NATO is going to solve our problems?


Konrad Werner: Gauck rant

Konrad is going to try to fix your attention on German politics for 10 FUCKING MINUTES again. […]


Konrad Werner: Tell all the truth but tell it slant

The Manic Street Preachers had it right. At least in 2010.


Konrad Werner: Christian love from a real Christian

In his Christmas speech, German President Joachim Gauck used an African asylum seeker baby to illustrate his […]


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