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Berlin flat quest: The retro flat-hunting video game

Choose a character, send out emails and try to find accommodation in an overcrowded city. Berlin Flat […]


The seven worst game sequels of all time

Whether we like it or not, we live in an age of sequels and franchises. Let’s take […]


No board? Games for video calls

TIPS! Missing game night? Sick of streaming your life away? Online games tailored for video chats are […]


Best life-size zombie hunt: VR Nation

INSIDER TIP! Bored of smashing baddies on your console? Drop your joystick for a full-body gaming experi­ence […]


Airport delay byproduct

Finally a board game about an airport! And not just any airport: BER! UnberechenB€R: Das Verrückte Flughafenspiel […]


The most dangerous game?

With a less-than-spectacular summer upon us, some Berliners may be choosing to stay indoors. But some never […]


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