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Tanz im August: Reopening the old suitcase

Summer dance festival Tanz im August is back (Aug 11-Sep 2) at venues all over the city. […]

Music & clubs

Feminist fests

Need a shot of estrogen to counteract the pure masculinity of Rummelsnuff? June has you covered and […]


When a woman was mayor

Today's International Women's Day! In honour of that here's the tale of Louise Schroeder, Berlin's only female […]


Scene but not heard

This Wednesday is International Women's Day and in honor of that, we tip our hat to the […]


Flipping the switch: Katie Mitchell

British director Katie Mitchell puts women’s experiences centre stage at the Schaubühne for the sixth time. Catch […]


Blue skies, books and Berghain: Kimberly Marteau Emerson

Emerson is a human rights activist, a mum of three and wife of US Ambassador John B. […]


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