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EXBlicks: Wedding stories

INTERVIEW: Our next EXBlicks screening casts some light on Wedding's little-discussed African Quarter with Martin Helmbrecht's docu […]


EXBlicks: When We Are Together We Can Be Everywhere

INTERVIEW: Join us for a particularly sexy Boxing Day (Dec 26) EXBlicks screening at Lichtblick Kino, 8:30pm […]


EXBlicks: Art Girls

INTERVIEW! This month's EXBlicks presents Robert Bramkamp's unconventional, thought-provoking satire-drama-sci-fi-allegory-and-then-some, Art Girls. Did we miss a question? […]


EXBlicks: Jewish time warp

Tonight (Tue, Oct 13) at EXBlicks, three young Israelis confront the past in Alice Agneskirchner’s "An Apartment […]


EXBlicks: Time-travellin’ Jews

INTERVIEW! On Tue, Oct 13 at Lichtblick, we present Alice Agneskirchner's "An Apartment in Berlin": a documentary […]


A revolution of images: An interview with Ossama Mohammed

Exiled Syrian filmmaker Ossama Mohammed's "Silvered Water" is a love letter to both Syria and cinema. Read […]


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