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Life imitating art imitating life: This Ain’t California

Catch "This Ain’t California" and meet its director Marten Persiel at Lichtblick Kino on Sep 23, as […]


EXBlicks x Asia Film Berlin: Leaving South Korea

INTERVIEW! This Saturday, August 17, EXBlicks teams up with Asia Film Berlin to present three shorts from […]


EXBlicks: East German boys and their toys

INTERVIEW! Pablo Ben Yakov and André Krummel's award-winning "Lord of the Toys" chronicles young, male Youtubers in […]


EXBlicks: The city hippies and the country Poles

INTERVIEW! Miss the winner of our Exberliner Film Award at Achtung Berlin this past month? Katarzyna Trzaska's […]


EXBlicks: Berlin’s North Korean ghosts

INTERVIEW! South Korean director Kwon Eunbi on "Waiting for Spectres", her documentary quest to meet North Koreans. […]


EXBlicks: Partisan

INTERVIEW! Director Adama Ulrich on Partisan, the film tribute to Berlin’s most iconic theatre she co-authored. Catch […]


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