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65,000 missing mugs: Tesla employees can’t stop stealing coffee cups

In a recent staff meeting, Tesla plant manager Andre Thierig complained: "I'm really tired of approving orders […]

June 2

The Berliner does the Sternfahrt

Join the Berliner Team Sunday, June 2, for the Sternfahrt annual bike protest. Meet us at the […]

Thirst traps

Three local vineyards that will make you rethink Brandenburg wine

Berlin and Brandenburg aren't known for their wine, but with a little innovation, three wineries are raising […]


Jessica J. Lee: “On some level, there is an activist project behind my nature writing”

We spoke to award-winning writer Jessica J. Lee about her newest essay collection 'Dispersals' and why nature […]


Tattoomat: Berlin’s tattoo vending machines

Rahel Bachem's tattoo vending machines are filled with her own designs: otters, giraffes, raccoons and striped polecats.

Thursday 28, September

Leaks, spills, fires: Environmental concerns at Tesla’s Giga Berlin

15,000 litres of paint, 150 litres of diesel and 13 tons of aluminium have been spilled at […]


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