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Tesla plant halts production due to Houthi attacks on shipping

The Gigafactory in Brandenburg will have to shut down for two weeks due to Houthi attacks in […]

City planning

James Hobrecht: The man who built Berlin

James Hobrecht created the Berlin that we see today; read more about his story here.


Deniz Utlu on Das Kapital, work and revolution

The author of The Indignants on how understanding Marx helped him understand the meaning of work


Two for the deutsch: German exhibitions

For those still looking to get a grip on understanding the ever elusive German, two exhibitions going […]


“We don’t need a basic income, we need a basic outcome”

For Dmytri Kleiner of Telekommunisten, neither the basic income nor Berliners are radical enough.


Money for everyone: Stefan Mekiffer on basic income

From neoliberals to hippie dreamers, the spectrum of people talking about basic income runs the gamut. Read […]


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