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TechScale Berlin: How technology diversifies storytelling

New technology has allowed us all to rethink how stories are told, and given storytellers the chance to […]


Aligning with the times: Angela’s zoom to shape up Berliners

ALLTAG HEROES! There's nothing like a crisis to convince us we need new skills! P'Berg pilates teacher […]


Net effect: Transmediale’s The Eternal Network

REVIEW! On now through Mar 1 at HKW, Transmediale 2020 End to End exhibition "The Eternal Network" […]


Art this month: Emotions and ecology

This year's Transmediale and two topical art shows will change your perspective on digital society.


Hacktivists need care too: Jérémie Zimmermann

After years of jet-setting digital activism on a global scale, disillusioned burn-out Jérémie Zimmermann has found a […]


Up close with… Jacob Appelbaum

From digital dissident to analogue art! Starting Sep 10, Appelbaum's infrared photos of his whistleblowing comrades and […]


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