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Berlin repeat election results: Slight losses for Germany’s ruling coalition

Despite weeks of protest against the AfD in Beriln, the far-right party increased its vote share by […]

Friday 19, January

Berlin politicians protest as more far-right AfD meetings revealed

Berlin politicians left in protest when AfD state chair Kristin Brinker began to speak. Last summer, she […]

Tuesday 19, December

Another repeat election? Berlin set for new vote this February

Wait, didn't this happen already? Berlin is heading back to the polls next February for more repeat […]

Tuesday 5, December

What is going on at Berlin Tegel? 55 security staff fired following police inspection

55 security staff were dismissed at Tegel arrival centre following a police inspection amid claims of anti-Kurdish […]

Friday 1, December

Violent brawls break out at Tegel refugee arrival centre

Investigations are ongoing into whether the dispute at Tegel refugee arrival centre was politically motivated.

Monday 6, November

Whoops! Berlin police lose 2 guns, 100 rounds of ammo, 390 cans of pepper spray…

Since 2021, Berlin police have lost guns, ammunition, batons and bullet-proof vests. But really, what's the worst […]


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