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Another farmers’ rally in Berlin causes road closures

Over 1,000 trucks and tractors have descended on Berlin for another massive shutdown protest.

Friday 2, February

“We are the firewall”: 100,000 registered for demonstration against far-right

This Saturday will see a massive human-chain form around the Reichstag in what might be Berlin's biggest […]

Monday 22, January

“All of Berlin hates the AfD”: Hundreds of thousands protest the far-right

At least 100,000 demonstrated in Berlin, with over one million taking to the streets against the AfD […]

Monday 23, October

Thousands join Israel and Palestine demos over weekend

Germany's president spoke at the Israel demo on Sunday, while the previous day saw thousands march for […]

Wednesday 11, October

Berliner reportedly killed in Hamas attack, Palestine march banned

Berlin bans a march "For a Free Palestine", while reports suggest a 22-year-old Berliner was killed in […]

Monday 9, October

Israeli and Palestinian flags come out in Berlin following Hamas attacks

Last weekend, 2,000 demonstrated in solidarity with Israel at Brandenburg Gate - while pro-Palestinian supporters gathered on […]


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