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Ali Chahrour’s ‘Iza Hawa’ is a love letter to a Beirut in tumult

For Ali Chahrour, performance is a commitment to showing love in a time of war. We spoke […]

Monday 25, March

Why dancing is officially banned in Berlin this Friday

A dancing ban on Good Friday: This might just be Germany's most bizarre law.


Editor at large: Jonny’s October culture report

Our Editor-in-Chief gets around. This month he hit up a ballroom extravaganza, vegetarian fine dining, and the […]


How a slower pace is bringing the best out of Berlin theatre

It's a matter of time. Our stage editor reflects on a summer filled with some of the […]


Milla Koistinen on Tanznacht, minimalism and the power of performance

We chatted with Berlin-based Finnish choreographer Milla Koistinen about her upcoming performances at Tanznacht.


Tanz Im August – 35. Internationales Festival Berlin

Tanz Im August, Berlin's biggest contemporary dance festival, is back with another electrifying and engaging programme.


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