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Elevator in Sài Gòn: A chronicle of French Empire and afterlives in Vietnam

Thuận's 'Elevator in Sài Gòn' is a deep exploration into the effects of war, empire and love […]


Bones of Contention: Why are so many human remains locked up in Berlin museums?

Thousands of skulls and skeletons from victims of German colonialism are lying in Berlin museums. Why is […]


The Empty Grave review: Stolen skulls and German colonialism

Songea Mbano's skull was stolen by the German colonial administration. The Empty Grave follows his descendants as […]

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Home and away: Why Australian literature is having a moment internationally

Australian author Gerald Murnane has been gaining international recognition. But there is plenty more to discover from […]


How Kader Attia’s J’accuse examines the art of repair

Kader Attia’s Berlinische Galerie exhibition, 'J'accuse' tries to build an understanding of restitution that goes beyond repatriation […]


Jessica J. Lee: “On some level, there is an activist project behind my nature writing”

We spoke to award-winning writer Jessica J. Lee about her newest essay collection 'Dispersals' and why nature […]


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