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Audience members heckle Hilary Clinton at Berlin event

While on stage at an event for human rights NGO Cinema for Peace in Berlin, Hilary Clinton […]


Test your USA election smarts!

Tonight's the big vote! But how well do you know the candidates you're voting for? Many Americans […]


The angry Americans

With the election looming on November 8, there are plenty of people clamoring with excitement in Berlin. […]


US elections 2016: Where to watch

November 8 is the day! Whether you're American or not, the US election affects all of us […]


Berliners for Trump?

Yes, there are Republicans in Berlin. But like many American right-wingers, they’re finding their loyalties tested by […]


Berlin election perspectives: Dmytri Kleiner

For the second in our series of op-eds on the US election, the Berlin-based Canadian-Russian "Telekommunist" explains […]


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