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Germany has (finally) passed its dual citizenship law

The new German citizenship law has passed, reducing the time you have to wait before applying and […]

Monday 20, November

Germany’s dual citizenship law put on hold

The much-anticipated dual citizenship law in Germany, which was meant to be debated at the Bundestag earlier […]

Tuesday 24, October

CDU leader wants all new German citizens to commit to Israel

The announcement from the CDU's Friedrich Merz could put the future of Germany's relaxed citizenship laws in […]

Wednesday 23, August

Turbo-Citizenship: Germany to allow multiple-nationality after just 3 years

Naturalisation as a German citizenship used to take eight years. A new law will reduce that to […]

Monday 26, June

Lawsuits against Berlin over two year wait for German citizenship

The pile of open cases just keeps growing. Now some people have opened lawsuits against Berlin to […]


Megan’s Megacan: We’re meant to be grateful for citizenship?

The Exberliner politics podcast is back! This time, they discuss multiple citizenships, the German army - and […]


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