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Cinemas in crisis: “When we open again, we’ll have only 10 seats.”

Cinemas have reopened, but they still face major challenges. We spoke with two of the Berlin scene’s […]


“I stand with Hengameh.”

WFT BERLIN! Are all cops trash? Charges have been brought against a journalist for saying so, but […]


Highlights from DOK.fest Munich, Germany’s biggest documentary festival

HOME KINO! This excellent festival been held annually since 1985, but the coronavirus pushed this year’s programme […]


Toshiki Okada: This is time to experiment

INTERVIEW! The coronavirus has upended our daily lives, but what about playwrights? Nicholas Potter hears about life […]


Don’t use domestic violence as an excuse!

WTF BERLI!N! Jacinta Nandi is against reopening kitas. And using solidarity with domestic violence victims as the […]


Konrad Werner: Coronavirus won’t resolve political arguments

OPINION! A crisis is supposed to be a turning point. Will Corona bring society together or will […]


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