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The milk whore: Leonie Ahrents

Don’t bother looking for a wet nurse. They don't exist officially in Berlin anymore. Ahrents, a former […]


The milkmaid: Verena Herklotz

BOOB JOBS! Nurse Herklotz has been working in the Ernst von Bergmann clinic in Potsdam for 26 […]


The breast inspector: Dr. Katharina Ehler

BOOB JOBS! Each year a staggering amount of women avoid being screened for breast cancer because they […]


Art-tits: Kirsty Kross aka Legs Akimbo

BOOB JOBS! A key figure in Berlin's electroclash movement as part of Team Plastique, Kross speaks of […]


The breast whisperer: Dr. Christiane Richter-Ehrenstein

Dr. Richter-Ehrenstein has dedicated her lifework to breasts – and to the 58,000 women who are diagnosed […]


Human milk banks?

While milk banks abounded in the GDR, they're now almost a thing of the past. But recent […]


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