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The crazy, unrealised architectural projects of 20th century Berlin

Berlin has some magnificently wacky buildings, but did you ever wonder about all the great architectural projects […]


Expressionist Architecture: Where Berlin Looks Like Gotham City

Elegant lines, intricate brick work and gothic splendour characterise Berlin's iconic expressionist architecture.


12 masterpieces of Berlin architecture to visit on Open Monument Day

Get a peak into Berlin's most interesting buildings and architectural marvels on Open Monument Day event.


What’s up with those pink metal pipes?

It's one of the first questions of any Berlin newcomer. Pink, a bit rusty, and zigzagging their […]


The Palace simulation: How a PR stunt changed the face of Berlin

This is the story of how a monumental PR stunt paved the way for the demolition of […]


The weird, colourful postmodern U-Bahn stations of Berlin

No architect shaped the face of Berlin's U-Bahn more than Rainer G. Rümmler. But are these postmodern […]


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