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Antisemitic attack on bar in Berlin-Lichtenberg

Antisemitic vandalism on neighbourhood bar "Morgen wird besser" means the venue now has been targeted three times […]

Friday 10, November

Berlin lights up Brandenburg Gate 85 years on from Nazi pogrom

Marking 85 years since Kristallnacht, the iconic Berlin landmark was lit up with a star of David […]

Monday 30, October

German newspaper BILD publishes crackpot manifesto

It's the news no one asked for! German newspaper BILD has published a very odd manifesto.


Megan’s Megacan: Kreuzberg isn’t Germany, Gillamoos is Germany!

Megan's Megacan is back! First on the agenda? A Bavarian folk festival and a discussion of right-wing […]

Tuesday 11, April

Palestinian demonstration accused of antisemitism

Several hundred demonstrators took to the streets in Neukölln to show solidarity with Palestine. Now, police are […]


Red flag: Henry Ford Bau… Why does Berlin’s Free University honour an antisemite?

Nathaniel Flakin asks why Berlin's Free University continues to honour this anti-semite and early funder of Hitler.


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