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Amok Mama: Feeling homesick

Nothing makes Jacinta Nandi feel more homesick than the thought of prodding Camilla Parker-Bowles in the chest […]


Amok Mama: Mum guilt

Jacinta's son doesn't believe in Santa anymore. And now she has to face the sad, bleak, miserable […]


Amok Mama: But where’s your soup?

Life is a long never-ending chain of devastatingly disappointing disappointments, says Jacinta Nandi. And then you go […]


Amok Mama: We all have fetishes and that’s OK.

Jacinta Nandi says we all have fetishes. And that's OK. But don't offer to make her a […]


Amok Mama: In defence of Justin Bieber

It's not like Jacinta Nandi never slags anyone off. It's just that she doesn't enjoy it as […]


Amok Mama: I would pay August Diehl, like, €100, for sex. Probably.

Has the misogyny of modern day society penetrated Jacinta Nandi's entire being or just her masturbation fantasies? […]


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