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Konrad Werner: No, the AfD isn’t falling apart

It was fun watching Frauke Petry walk out of the AfD's triumphal press conference this week. But […]


Wladek Flakin: Left-wing blues

How the hell did the AfD get 12.6 percent? Wladek notes that even "The Left", and in […]


Where’s the German Corbyn?

While the charismatic likes of Jeremy and Bernie have led left-wing surges in Britain and the US, […]


The original alt-right

They’re losing their funding and their campaigns are increasingly desperate – but with their competitors in the […]


Konrad Werner: If you vote for a racist person, you might be racist

The AfD and their voters hate Germany's integration commissioner because they don't believe in integration. That's the […]


Seymour Gris: Tegel’s gotta close!

Seymour loves Tegel, no question about it, but he also knows when it's time to say goodbye.


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