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PornFilmFestival Blog: Berlin is porn

Variety is the spice of Berlin. And the PornFilmFestival's got it in its visitors' backgrounds and experience […]


The PornFilmFestival Blog: Ten years on!

The PornFilmFestival, Berlin's beloved international-local institution, returns for its 10th year! Time to get it on! Can't […]


Yes, oh PorYes: Feminist pornographer Goodyn Green

Europe’s first feminist porn award, the PorYes Award, started six years ago, right here in Berlin, and […]


PornFilmFestival: Goodbye to porn

Okay, not for real. For our blogger, Christmas comes early every year – in the form of […]


The new chick lit: Dino-on-girl porn all the rage on Kindle

Within the realm of human sexual desire, there lies a panoply of bizarre quirks and obsessions. Two […]


Berlin: pornotopia?

A reputation for sexual tolerance, low rents and a hungry consumer market might make Berlin the perfect […]


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