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Beware the Blue Punisher: Dangerous ecstasy warning in Berlin

Following the death of a 13 year old girl, warnings have been issued for Blue Punisher ecstasy […]

Wednesday 22, March

Berlin is taking more cocaine, speed, crystal meth – less MDMA

What drugs are on the rise in Berlin, and which are falling in popularity? New data reveals […]

Friday 10, February

Good stuff? Berlin to introduce ‘drug checking’ this march

The scheme has been planned for five years but, starting this March, Berliners will be able to […]


Leopoldplatz: Just how bad is Berlin’s notorious drug hotspot?

Leopoldplatz is a known hangout for alcoholics and drug addicts. But how bad is it? We talked […]


Taking drugs on the U8

Berlin's U-Bahn can be both a market and shelter for drug addicts. Ruvi Simmons takes a trip […]


The talk of shame

The summer heat can lead to some fatal attractions, but what happens when it all gets too […]


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