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A Modern Rose: Rhubarb Crumble

Rose takes advantage of the latest seasonal food by making a delicious rhubarb dessert.


A Modern Rose: Asparagus Wrapped in Ham with a Mustard Cream Sauce

Spargelzeit! Rose happily embraces the latest season food in Berlin.


A Modern Rose: ‘English Style’ Fish and Chips

What is the food we miss the most from home? Rose misses a British classic – fish […]


A Modern Rose: Chocolate Orange Mousse

Is a chocolate mousse an old fashioned recipe? Rose Silford doesn’t think so and makes a little […]


A Modern Rose: Tagliatelle with a Fresh Green Pesto

Rose Silford organizes a classic dinner party recipe but has to deal with a German supermarket along […]


A Modern Rose: Chicken Schnitzel with a Modern Twist

With all the wonderful foods from around the world has Berlin forgotten about the traditional German dish? […]


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