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Bodies hidden by shadows

The multimedia performance Dummy Lab might be more special effects than actual narrative, but it's a circus […]


Dancing identity: Regina Rossi

INTERVIEW. Brazilian Berlin-based choreographer and performer Rossi brings the third instalment of her "Trilogy of Exhaustion", "Tchi-Kudum: […]


Are you a man or a woman?

Four figures of Berlin’s nightlife wait backstage as they get ready to perform: "Gritty Glamour" explores post-migrant […]


Sex, drugs and iambic pentameter

Stefan Pucher's take on a Shakespeare classic makes the already surreal Twelfth Night even more absurd, with […]

Stage the story of the 20th century

INTERVIEW. The Festival for International New Drama is back Apr 17-26! Inspired by European jihadists, Swiss director […]


From cell to stage

INTERVIEW. Prison's not usually somewhere you'd visit to soak in some culture – but dramaturg Anna Galt's […]


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