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  • Ophelia’s Got Talent ★★★★★


Ophelia’s Got Talent ★★★★★

Florentina Holzinger's role as in-house choreographer at the Volksbühne seems to have come with a blank cheque. Ophelia's Got Talent is an extraordinary piece of performance art.

Photo: Nicole Marianna Wytyczak

This feminist dance spectacle is one of the most technically sophisticated and complicated pieces of theatre currently on in Berlin. The stage is dominated by several swimming pools and water tanks, which the naked all-female cast use to scuba dive, swim through and – in a convincing moment of apparent play-gone-wrong – almost drown while tied up. There is blood, there are gory and intimate moments with the human body and at one point a real helicopter descends from the ceiling.

Cameras on stage, feeding live to large screens, give the audience a particularly close-up view of the action. Beginning with a “talent show” segment that descends into a broad treatise on misogynist violence, rape and female objectification, the performers also do tap dances, sea shanties and some Shakespeare. Occasional moments of calm among the carnage bring relief. This extraordinary piece of performance art will solidify Holzinger’s reputation as one of the most original and challenging choreographers in town.

  • Showing at Volksbühne, Mitte, details, until 27.1.23 (in English and German with surtitles).