Silvia shines

Warning: musical-theatrical performance MDLSX will not get out of your head. Italian performance artist Silvia Calderoni delivers an adrogynous, punk performance not to be missed Gorki Studio Feb 16-18!

Image for Silvia shines
Photo by Renato Mangolin

Warning: MDLSX will not get out of your head. There’s only one person on stage, Silvia Calderoni, but it wouldn’t matter if there were more: you can’t take your eyes off her. You might Google her. You might read every review of the show to try to get your vicarious feeling of vertiginous freedom back. You might Shazam yourself singing bass riffs until you identify an explosive track from the show as “One Hit” by The Knife. You might recreate the whole playlist that Calderoni DJs throughout the performance and listen to it non-stop for months. You might flash-back to a hot summer in New York after coming out in the suburbs – that sweaty, slightly scary feeling that anything is possible.

Or you might not. It’s possible Calderoni’s punk incandescence and androgynous, almost alien presence will leave you cold, or that you’re allergic to the hairspray that Calderoni uses to fluff her hair into a powerful mane and fill the air so thick you can see lasers. Maybe you hated Jeffrey Eugenides’ Middlesex and don’t need a reprise, or maybe you hate The Knife. But we bet you’ll love it.

MDLSX Feb 16-18 | Gorki Studio, Mitte