Dynamic dance duo

Marking the climax of four years of collaboration exploring concepts of togetherness and individuality, dance duo Jared Gradinger and Angela Schubot team up with HAU for a week-long retrospective starting Apr 22.

Image for Dynamic dance duo
Photo by Rache De Joode

As humans we desire companionship, forever searching for that sense of unconditional togetherness. But, as individuals, is this ‘togetherness’ possible? This is a concept contemporary dance duo Jared Gradinger and Angela Schubot have been exploring through their four-year, internationally acclaimed body of work.

With intensity, awkward inter-connectedness and elements such as simultaneous panting, the pair’s performances are a powerful representation of how and if the ‘I’ can dissolve throughout a couple’s life journey. Their physical thought process is about to hit a climax with the retrospective soon you are theirs, developed in cooperation with HAU.

Over the week, audiences will have the opportunity to view what they are instead of (2009), an exploration of what lies beyond intimacy; is maybe (2011), which Gradinger describes as “continuing the search for how to stop ‘I-ing’”; I hope you die soon (2013), focusing on the concept of death as a means for ultimate unity; and the trio all my holes are theirs, which introduces Aleesa Cohene as a controversial third party.

On April 26, there will be a marathon day of events leading into the evening’s performances. Gradinger and Schubot will host workshops, there will be installations by various artists (Steyn Robert, Aleesa Cohene, Martin Clausen and Tian Rotteveel) and a unique live performance featuring electronic musician Leyland Kirby which will leave Gradinger and Schubot all tied up.

It all culminates in the premiere of soon you are theirs, the concept’s final instalment, on April 27.


Originally published in issue #126, April 2014.