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  • Erik Leuthäuser – Sucht: Soft, sexy and sincere jazz

Album review

Erik Leuthäuser – Sucht: Soft, sexy and sincere jazz

OnlyFans might have helped him get here, but his new album 'Sucht' shows that Erik Leuthäuser's musical talent far eclipses his sex appeal. ★★★★

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Award-winning singer and composer Erik Leuthäuser’s talent should be enough to put him in the headlines. But thanks to his OnlyFans site, which he started during the pandemic, the musician has been making news for a whole variety of reasons. Yet, it all contributes to the narrative on his new release.

Here, on Sucht, the jazz-soul singer’s latest LP, Leuthäuser deals with issues of sexuality, addiction and loneliness, topics that are rarely taken up by his contemporaries. The soft and dreamy German-language jazz record is touching and heartfelt, regardless of whether you can relate to the themes or not.

There are moments of orchestral bebop with some colourful theatrical movements. Teased with the lead single Schiff ohne Kapitän, this ship may have no captain, but Leuthäuser’s trajectory is already planned out, able to sail up and over the waves and storms that come his way.