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Your Weekend: Blitz through the weekend

There's a lot of EXBERLINER coming your way next week, so why not blitz through the weekend like a trashy Berliner should? Here's some stuff to do.

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Fear not, kids. Only one more weekend before you’ll be able to see the newest issue of EXBERLINER in print and in your local hotspots. And it’s a goodie – with a brand new design, coverage of the biggest Berlinale celebrities and figures of your teenage underground wet dreams and more references to Hitler in a Berlin publication than you can handle.

But… until then, why not blitz through the weekend like a trashy Berliner should? Here’s some stuff to do.

I must admit I really like Nouvelle Vague (Fri, Jan 27 @ Huxley’s Neue Welt) but I also must admit that I really like the songs they cover more than the actual band, it’s worthy mix-tape stuff. Still, they’re worth the retro digression. And Casiokids (Fri, Jan 27 @ Fritz Club) may have a name sounding of retro, but their polyglot style makes them more post-something than retro. If you want art-art, then the is it or isn’t still going venue MMX is hosting Encore (Fri, Jan 27 @ MMX), part of Transmediale’s wicked Satellite program.

The next night, Neon Raiders meets Ich Bin Ein Berliner (Sat, Jan 28 @ ZMF) is Top of the Pops for me. Eat Lipstick headline the performance part of the night and Anita Dwank’s Divine meets punk rock fashion designer meets what-we-want-from-Berlin and Mollie Black’s circus diva/punk rock bitch never disappoint.

Otherwise, there will be a curated tour of the Alice Springs exhibit (Sat, Jan 28 @ Helmut Newton Foundation). I hate referring to “the more cultured among us” so maybe you can go break a few historical artifacts instead (just don’t tell that I told you to) at the Lange Nacht der Museen that this is part of taking place all Saturday night.

On the other side of art, Artur van Balen’s (Sat, Jan 27 @ Galerie cubis-m) polished porcelain chickens end their run and you’re given a happy ending in a former massage parlor with a look at Lukas Julius Keijser’s erotic silkprints under ultraviolet light.

Alright, that’s it for now. Hope to see you brats out there!