Your Weekend: Choke on it

Walter Crasshole thinks you should choke on his weekend advice. In the best possible way. It can be fun! Have another hot dog and get to your party plans!

Image for Your Weekend: Choke on it
Photo by Dana Robinson (skampy; Flickr CC)

I’m really excited while writing this blog – but on other things. Currently, EXBERLINER is working on the ultimate compendium of Xmas and NYE parties for you to check out! And yet there’s still so much time to fill in between. It’s like having a hot dogs and a coke for now, while waiting for your three-course, fully catered decadent French dinner in three days. There are just too many good things coming up.

In the meantime, you can choke on this. But then again, I’ve never been shy of anything that tests my gag reflex. So, it still will be awesome times for Berlin this weekend.

On Friday, there’s a perfect counter for cold homos and their friends on a December evening – Homopatik: Tropical (Fri, Dec 17 @ ://about blank) in Friedrichshain’s favorite lefty hotspot. Just don’t get caught wearing a kuffiyah. The lefties at ://about blank are not cool with political statements spilling over into street fashion (which never occurs, right?).

Soul abounds at Got Soul? (Fri, Dec 17 @ Bohannon) where Mickey Rose is performing, a soul singer with Iranian roots, along with plenty of other performers (don’t miss BadKat) from the perennially hip genre of soul. You really can never go wrong by saying you were at a soul night. Duh.

If you want go slightly more mellow while keeping it kool (did that sound like an old American cigarette ad?) there’s Smoker Movies (Fri, Dec 17 @ Z-Bar). Seven short films that may or may not be about smoking but that will certainly take the taste right out of you.

Cityboy (Sat, Dec 18 @ Loreley) closes its doors on Berlin for reasons unknown and now it seems like it might be for good as they are actually saying “last Cityboy in Berlin” and not just goodbye (which always means bis später). What will we do with Loreley?

If you want to put on a different club hat for Saturday, figure on a Santa cap, since they had to name this one We Love Berlin Winterworld (Sat, Dec 18 @ Club Maria). Sounds like the sequel Keven Kostner never got to make. Humbug. Oh well, Hardy Hard and Lady Lady Waks DJ.

And for a laugh for free, hit up Open Mic in English: Comedy Gone Wild (Sat, Dec 18 @ Kookaburra Comedy Club). Our own Summer Banks is hostessing and we’ll even get you and your giggle-buddy in for free. See the event details above for how.

That’s it for this week. Ciao, kids.

Oh, and in case you’re missing Konrad Werner, he’ s moved to the Friday time slot, so stay tuned.