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5 burning questions about weed legalisation in Germany

In typically-German style, the legalisation of cannabis consumption is hazy with bureaucracy and fine-print. We're here to clear things up.

Photo: IMAGO / photothek

How much cannabis am I allowed?

Adults aged 18 and over can possess up to 25g of cannabis. At home, three plants and up to 50g of cannabis are allowed, the same amount that can be sold, per month, to cannabis club members over 21 (or 30g if you’re over 18).

My three plants are growing nicely: how much cannabis can I expect to harvest from them?

Depending on variety, pot size, and time of year: between 20 and 100 grams, in up to four harvests a year.

I have a Kleingarten: can I grow my plants there?

Uh-uh. No matter how neatly you prune your plants, they remain illegal in Gartenzwerg Land.

Is all of Germany on board with these plans?

Not exactly. Bavarian’s conservative leader Markus Söder, a man not known to walk away from a good sound bite, has vowed to strictly enforce the new rules: “Anyone who is looking to happily consume cannabis would be better off somewhere other than Bavaria. We will guarantee that.”

I’m a big stoner: this is nothing but good news, right?

Not if you’re also environmentally conscious: large-scale indoor cultivation has a mammoth carbon footprint. Numbers vary, but it can be up to 5,184 kg per 1 kg of cannabis. Downer, man.

Photo: IMAGO / photothek

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