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Vox pop: Berliner Scots for independence!

"Aye" or "Nut"?! With the results of the Scottish independence referendum coming in early tomorrow morning we took to the streets to find out what the Scots of Berlin had to say about it all.

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I’m definitely for “Yes”. People really have gained hope that there is going to be more grassroots democracy, people are going to have more control over their own lives and they want to change the land law and get rid of these huge big estates. I was born when Margaret Thatcher came in, I saw those 16 years. We are always voting more or less left wing in Scotland and always getting a conservative government as long as I can remember. I’m for “Yes” and I hope that this great wave of enthusiasm and change continues and people really have the chance to change things in Scotland.

Aye” or “Nut”?! Judging from the people we met on the streets, it seems like a definite “Aye”.

Today, September 18, is set to be a historic day for Scotland – the referendum laid in front of the Scots could see the end of a 300-plus year union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Before the results are released in the wee small hours of tomorrow morning, we talked to the Scottish people of Berlin about a potential Independence Day. Click the slideshow above to see what they had to say.