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TechScale Berlin: It’s a woman’s world

Ahead of APX’s Pitch Tuesday session tonight, our tech editor outlines the female founders and panelists set to take part in what promises to be a great evening for women in tech.

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Six female companies will present their companies to members of the APX team and Porsche tonight. Christina @ wocintechchat.com / Unsplash

Every Tuesday, the accelerator of Porsche Digital and Axel Springer Digital Ventures (APX) hosts Pitch Tuesday, where founders can pitch their ideas to tech experts and investors. Tonight the occasion is all about women! In partnership with Porsche, Welt am Sonntag and the Better Future Conference, six female companies will present their companies to members of the APX team and Porsche. According to various sources, 15 percent of startups in the EU are led by women. However, according to Pitchbook, in 2019 only 2.7 percent of VC dollars were invested into female-founded ventures. 

The managing directors of APX are Jörg Rheinbolt and Henric Hungerhoff and their efforts to support more women and underrepresented groups are definitely welcomed. If you recall, we spoke in detail with APX’s Yoni Goldwasser, who told us that one of APX’s missions is to cultivate new business models centred around scalable ideas created by founders who aspire to establish a global footprint. Women definitely know how to scale their ideas with limited resources compared to their male counterparts. 

During the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network event in 2015, 200 women from 13 countries gathered in Berlin for this invite only event. USA Today spoke to tech women and entrepreneurs like Verena Pausder and me, all of whom who believe that, given Berlin’s vibrant startup community, Germany could be the country to disrupt current VC bottlenecks, and show the world how to be more supportive for female entrepreneurs. Although things have gotten better for women in tech, there is always room for improvement. APX’s virtual pitch event tonight minimizes barriers and enables angel investors and venture capitalists from across the globe to tune in.  The event tonight is a special edition followed by a panel discussion with:

 Patricia Rennert, head of industry solutions at Porsche Digital

Tina Spießmacher, co-founder of UNOWN, a leasing platform for sustainable fashion

Johannes Boie, editor-in-chief of Welt am Sonntag

Melanie Schröder, director of Financing and Portfolio at APX

Companies pitching tonight span across the areas of fashion and health. Keep an eye on these female-led ventures.

Unown: An end-to-end platform that allows people to lease sustainable brands. This company is in support of the non-ownership economy. 

Framen: A cloud-based streaming technology that makes it easy to transform any digital surface into a communication channel.  

Emmora: Helps people plan for their final farewell. With Emmora, relatives can organize funeral services for their loved ones regardless of location. 

Frameright: A browser-based application that can be integrated into different content management systems to help with digital asset management. The software allows people to crop and display their images in multi-platform publishing environments. 

Brajuu: A boobtech startup that helps women find the perfect bra. Their smart technology streamlines the process of finding the perfect bra.

The Calmbase: A mindfulness platform helping people to be more mindful and relaxed. Individuals and groups can find both online and offline retreats throughout Germany and the rest of the world. 

APX Female Founder Pitch Tuesday/ September 8, 2020, Virtual Program 5:00PM to 6:00PM GMT+2.