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TechScale Berlin: Startup funding and support during #COVID19

EXB resident techxpert Jewell Sparks on innovation support for Berlin startups during Corona. Plus the Berlin companies helping us stay healthy and snacking happy from home, as well as the latest news from the Berlin startup scene.

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This week, Techscale Berlin spans the areas of funding news, EU Commission fast track funding and resources for wellbeing as well as items to satisfy your snack attack while working from home. It is my hope that everyone is doing well under the current circumstances. Having to adjust how we interact, live and work has been challenging, but it has also presented some great opportunities for some of the startups and companies within our ecosystem.

#COVID19 support for startups

#COVID19 has dominated cities, countries, social media channels and our lives, but has also provided an opportunity for us to recalibrate how we interact, work and utilise our time. Yesterday, Exberliner published a Berlin specific Corona update and will continue to publish these updates regularly. One of our most trusted sources is the World Health Organization European Region Dashboard which enables you to keep an eye on neighboring countries to stay on top of elements which may affect business relationships and partnerships. Now is the time to work together and support startups and SMEs.  

Calling all startups with #COVID19 solutions… March 18, 17:00 CET

The European Commission has put aside €164 million aside to support startups and SMEs working on Coronavirus innovations. The Commission made the announcement last Friday, and has asked those interested in the fast track resources to submit an application to the EIC Accelerator by 17:00 CET on Wednesday, March 18.

Legal questions answered from KPMG…

This morning German Startup Association and KPMG Law, held a Corona Town Hall Call to provide legal guidance to startups during these trying times. KPMG has formed a task force spanning the areas of labor law to venture services. A few of the speakers who participated during this mornings Town Hall were:

Dr. Stefan Middendorf, KPMG Law, Partner, Corona Task Force Labor Law

Johanna Friedrichsen, KPMG Law, Senior Manager, Corona Task Force General

Stefan Kimmel, KMPG Law, Senior Manager, Corona Task Force Corporate/Venture Services Law

David Hanf, Thermondo, CFO, Deputy President Startup Association

On KPMG’s website, they have decided to provide a daily compilation of legal questions for startups and clients. They address questions like the following on their website: “Can employees who fear infection at the workplace stay away from work or work in the home office based on their own decision?” The questions they pose and answer are quite beneficial for startups and provide valuable insights for both employees and employers. 

Hot off the press… Penta raises €18.5M

Penta, the digital platform for business banking, just raised €18.5 million in new funding. New investors included: RTP Global, ABN AMRO Ventures and VR-Ventures. According to Penta: “Current investors finleap, Europe’s leading fintech ecosystem, and HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, one of Europe’s largest venture funds, complement the round by reinvesting – with HV taking the co-lead alongside RTP Global. Alex Pavlov, Partner RTP Global will join Penta’s board together with Barbod Namini, Partner HV and Michael Hock, CFO finleap.” Congrats! If you recall, Penta was mentioned in the first TechScale Berlin: Startups set to make a ding in 2020. Congrats to the team.

Health assistance during trying times

Staying both physically and mentally healthy during trying times is very important. There is a saying, “The greatest wealth is health.”

Medloop manages medical information between physician and patient. The company was founded in 2018 by Shishir Singhee. The company states that they are on a mission to “enrich the relationship between patients and doctors and transform healthcare from being reactive to becoming preventative.” Medloop has built an advanced rule-engine and predictive analytics system that consist of a physician dashboard and native patient mobile application. The company received an investment of €6 million the end of January to continue developing its platform. 

Vila Health was co-founded by Laura Korcik in 2018. The company provides psychological and emotional support, for people with chronic physical illnesses. The conversational interface helps patients to cope with their illnesses and the mental challenges that may accompany such illness. Vila is supported by the European Social Fund and the City of Berlin.

When at work and home, it’s all about the snackaroos

When I am at home, I snack a lot. I started strolling through some of my food networks and thought I would share a few of my favorite food startups that provide products which you should stock up on while working from home.

Sirplus is an impact startup revolutionising food saving through by rescuer markets in Berlin. They provide an online shop and a nationwide delivery service. Founded by two of my favorite and most humble founders, Raphael Fellmer and Martin Schott, these guys are on a mission to feed the world. Help them tackle food waste by placing your home office order here.

Berlin Organics produces performance food, healthy snacks, sports nutrition and superfoods to increase your physical and mental performance. Their products are 100 percent plant-based. Founded by Klaas Koolman, an ex Corporate marketing executive and consultant this company has seen continued growth over the years. Their latest product offerings includes snack balls and instant drink mixes. 

Spooning Cookie Dough enables you to serve you at least eight different, varieties and other delicious delights, such as Cookie Dough Pops, Cup Cakes and Cookie Dough Ice Cream. Customers can order Cookie Dough packages and have them delivered. The company was founded by in Diana Hildenbrand (while she was pregnant) and Constantin Feistkorn. Spooning Cookie Dough was featured on Die Höhle der Löwen in 2018.

That’s all folks… send us some startup news for next week.

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