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Exploring borders: Tacit Futures

Berlin Gazette invites you to join in a dialogue about the politics of access and free movement at their 16th annual conference at the Volksbühne Oct 27-29.

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Towards the democratic control of movement. Photo by Andi Weiland / Norman Posselt

Borders and infrastructure are supposed to make places liveable and safe, but they can also do the opposite. Tacit Futures provides an opportunity to learn, discuss and think about how government and business infrastructures either bar or entitle people to resources and safety. From October 27 through 29, the digital critics at the Berliner Gazette will host workshops, talks and performances to address hard questions having to do with the politics of access and movement that the migration of millions of refugees from the Middle East and Africa has brought to a head in our present.

Lecture “Who Controls Movement?” (Oct 27) tackles the connection between the movement of goods, data, people and the powerful actors from Merkel to Google setting it all in motion. Not a run-of-the-mill academic talk, “Movement” brings together thinkers of three different mediums for a well-rounded view of its ambitious topic in a digital music performance by hypermedia researcher Konrad Becker, photo slideshow from Gazette founder Krystian Woznicki and conversation with Canadian social theorist Brian Massumi.

Get your hands dirty with workshops like “Industries of Freedom and Margins of Prediction” (Oct 27-28) where participants will create a database of ideas and observations about the effect of big-data driven technologies in our everday lives. The database will be made available under a Create Commons license November 1 so a larger audience can share in participants’ findings and continue the dialogue.

The conference ends with a collaborative feast (Oct 29) from Nowhere Kitchen in a collage of food rituals from around the word. Bring ingredients, leftovers, whatever you have and choreographer/cook Pepe Dayaw will create a delicious meal for the group to share, leaving everyone with full minds and full bellies.

Tacit Futures: Towards the Democratic Control of Movement, Oct 27-29 | Volksbühne, Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, U-Bhf Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz